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Our first Corporate Social Investment Policy

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The challenge

Over the years, we have proven that we invest for the long term and we have built strong community partnerships based on trust and mutual understanding. We have now reached a point where we need to prioritise our investments for an even more targeted impact.

What we did

Our first global Corporate Social Investment Policy is based on five pillars:

Reflecting our road safety initiatives across the business, we are looking to support projects or partnerships in parallel to our annual Road Safety Awareness campaign, including investing in safe road infrastructure around schools.

From introducing recycling bins in and around all Puma Energy service stations and emergency canal cleaning at our Luanda Bay terminal in Angola, to fuelling anti-poaching helicopter patrols in South Africa and vulture nest surveys in Namibia – our CSR strategy reflects our wider environmental efforts.

We will invest in training programmes such as apprenticeships, internships and vocational training, with a focus on providing refresher courses or the possibility of continuous learning and development relevant to Puma Energy’s activities (Puma Energy attendants, mechanics etc.).

Local priorities may be driven by legal requirements. Supporting projects that support socio-economic development, as defined by country requirements or business specific needs, is vital to business continuity. For example, in South Africa, we are supporting Black Economic Empowerment initiatives.

As well as our vital strategic role in ensuring security of supply, even during disasters, we directly support relief efforts, for example providing fuel for emergency vehicles.

Projects that do not fit the global pillars can still be considered, for example local businesses may identify some different local priorities. Where a local business priority is not a good fit with the pillars these will be subject to a greater level of scrutiny.


Our global Corporate Social Investment Policy will guide how we contribute to society and community, beyond regular business activities. Our strategy includes robust reporting metrics to monitor success. For example, to track spend and impact accurately, we have introduced a CSR budget code. We look forward to reporting the impact of our new approach in 2018.

“We have the ability and duty to help make a difference especially in the areas where we have a presence and impact.”
Charlotte Dauphin, Corporate Social Responsibility Project Manager

Wherever we are in the world, we work hard to understand community needs and build local partnerships. Find out more

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