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People and communities in Papua New Guinea

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As a relatively remote island nation, domestic strategic storage is critical to Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) energy security and economic development. Our contribution is giving Papua New Guinea a secure and reliable domestic supply of fuels for its growing economy.

"Although Puma Energy is still relatively new to the country, we have been able to prove that we are committed to continuing to invest in the country. This is not only good for our business but is good for the sustainability of the whole of Papua New Guinea - Jim Collings Country Manager, PNG."

Enabling energy security

In 2015, we became the first truly local supplier of bitumen in the country – giving Papua New Guinea, secure local supplies of this critical road building material during a period of rapid infrastructure development.

Through investments in 2015/16 that delivered state-of-the-art facilities we increased the country’s total fuel storage capacity by 40% and now provide more than 80% of the country’s requirements. In addition, as the only true national player in the market, we have continued to invest to upgrade the Napa Napa refinery as well as our network of terminals and aircraft refuelling facilities around the country. This ensures reliable fuel for the market and our 69 retail sites throughout the country.

69 Retail sites, both branded and independent in PNG

Supporting local enterprise

We have helped a number of local manufacturers develop the skill sets and competencies to supply us with international standard products. For example, we worked with a small business to find ways to treat and reprocess waste oil, which is a major issue for the country. Our pilot tests were successful and we are now working with the company to build its capacity so that it can reprocess oil on a scale that can be blended into other product streams to reduce costs for our customers, enhancing our own value proposition.

We have also built a refuelling station and associated facilities at a new fish market in the capital Port Moresby. This development, in association with the local government, and using local businesses for the construction, is a big boost for Port Moresby’s fishermen, enabling better productivity and access to markets for their products, improving community sanitation, small business and networking.

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