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Avoiding needless deaths on Zambia’s roads

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Evitar muertes innecesarias en las carreteras de Zambia

Almost 2,100 people are killed on Zambian roads every year; and with Puma Energy trucks making close to 9,000 trips every month to transport thousands of litres of our products by road, we are very keen to play our part helping to increase road safety standards across the region.

“With our trucks making close to 9,000 trips every month, we are very keen to play our part.”

In 2016, Puma Energy Zambia partnered with the Zambian Road Safety Trust to extend its child road safety campaign to the Copperbelt Province and reach a further 3,000 pupils.

As well as launching a Be Road Safe policy in the country, the team also held staff road safety talks, ran their own education programmes and even featured on national radio.

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