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Sponsoring rhino conservation

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Sponsoring rhino conservation

Protecting precious rhinos

The African rhino is under serious threat and, according to the experts, will face extinction in under a decade. We are stepping up and taking action now to help, by sponsoring Flying for Freedom South Africa and Rhino 911 - two emergency rhino rescue units. They are run by two totally dedicated pilots, Tokkie Botes and Nico Jacobs, who fly their helicopters across the North West Province and the greater Kruger Park area, helping to protect these precious creatures.

Responding to emergencies

They are the rhino paramedics - the emergency response to any call for help with rhinos across a multitude of game parks and game farms. They are on call 24/7/365 – and they never say no to a call.

They respond to poaching incidents where, along with the vets that fly with them, they can hopefully still save the injured animals. And if not, they can at least still sometimes save the distressed calves they find crying beside their lifeless mothers. The calves are taken to a Rhino orphanage where they are cared for until they are old enough and strong enough to be released back into the bush.

Flying dedicated teams of vets

Flying for Freedom South Africa and Rhino 911 also fly teams of dedicated vets to conduct routine notching (clipping rhinos’ ears and inserting microchips between their shoulders and into their horns for identification), as well as fitting electronic collars so that the rhinos can be tracked remotely day and night, under the surveillance and protection of armed guards and game rangers.

Stepping in to help

We felt compelled to step in and help - sponsoring the fuel to keep these brave pilots’ helicopters in the air, so that they can continue to help save the rhino - for all of us, and for future generations. 

The extinction of the rhino will not just rob Africa of one of the worlds’ largest and oldest creatures, it will rob the entire world and all humanity of the privilege of living in a world alongside this incredible creature that has survived since the pre-historic era.

This is an emergency. We must do everything we can to ensure that the rhino forever roams the African savannah free from danger.

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