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Myanmar innovative market entry

Myanmar Case Studies
Myanmar innovative market entry


Situated between India and China, with one of the strongest growth outlooks in South East Asia, Myanmar’s increasingly active role as a major crossroad for trade dictates the need for an improved road network, along with an efficient and modern bitumen supply infrastructure to support its rapid growth. 


Relative to other countries in the region, the Myanmar road network is underdeveloped. Only a fraction of the existing and planned road network is paved, many of the paved roads require upgrading and/or rehabilitation, and both product handling and paving practices are often inefficient, unsafe and outdated. For Puma Bitumen this is an opportunity that corresponds well with our end-to-end supply capabilities and overall service offer.

What we have done

Puma Bitumen undertook a dedicated process of both investing in infrastructure and on forging valuable relationships with local consumers and industry stakeholders.

Our 24kt bulk terminal, coupled with our growing fleet of bulk bitumen haulers – now 18 strong and also the first of their kind in Myanmar – has been essential in developing the physical platform to offer the existing drum market the benefits of bulk supply. This, coupled with the passion and expertise of our local and regional bitumen teams, has allowed us to establish ourselves as a reputable supplier to various asphalt producers, contractors and city councils.

What we will do

Where our success to date lies largely with those consumers that already have the expertise and, to a degree, the technology to readily make the conversion from drum to bulk supply, a large segment of the market still lacks the above and in some cases more. Our mission is therefore to uplift these consumers by providing the support (infrastructure and expertise) they desperately need in order to make the transition from antiquated practitioners to mature road contracting experts that truly construct better performing roads, safely and efficiently. 

Focus on safety

The Thilawa Bitumen Terminal is the first in Myanmar to be built to American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines for construction, safety and environmental standards. We continue to translate this level of HSE focus to the entire market, from terminal to delivery and use.