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Extending the Life of Directhaul's Fleet

Australia Case Studies


Directhaul is an Australian transportation company specialising in the transportation of dangerous goods. It operates a fleet of over 50 road-train rated prime movers. The fleet includes more than 200 trailers and dollies in Queensland and the Northern Territory. These are powered by Cummins and Volvo engines with both EGR and SCR exhaust systems. Internal fleet maintenance is carried out in Darwin, Townsville and Broome.


Our technical team worked hand-in-hand with Directhaul maintenance managers to increase engine life, reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability.

“At Puma Lubricants we aim to provide tangible benefits for our customers. Together with our technology partners, we develop high performance lubrication solutions, using the latest additive technologies and high quality base oils. However, only real in-field evaluations can prove the excellent performance of our solutions. I would like to thank Directhaul for giving us the opportunity to work together - showing that the proof is in the pudding”

Charles Du Bois, Puma Lubricants Global Technology Manager


We recommended the use of Puma HD Ultra S 15W-40 oil and measured the impact through a number of trucks over a 12-month period. Both SCR exhaust systems with 500 hours drain interval and EGR exhaust systems with 250 hours drain interval were used.

The Results

We evaluated the performance of the engine oil by carrying out oil analysis using an independent oil analysis lab and comparing the results against the previous engine oil (15W-40 API CJ4 category oil). Puma HD Ultra S demonstrated significant wear reduction benefits for Directhaul trucks – an average of 18% less wear. This in turn directly improved engine life and enabled cost savings.

"Working with the professional technical team at Puma Lubricants during the evaluation of the Puma HD Ultra S 15W-40 diesel engine oil was reassuring as the team’s confidence in the product was matched by their enthusiasm for lubrication and understanding of the critical nature of the product on trial. The independent Oil Analysis lab results and feedback confirmed that metals wear had reduced while not compromising our extended service programs.”

Mark Sloan, Directhaul Workshop Manager

With the help of Puma Lubricants, Directhaul Australia has reduced engine wear, decreased maintenance cost, increased fleet availability and achieved extra cost savings estimated to be $48,000 a year*.

* Expected savings indicated are specific to the calculation date and site.