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Ensuring high fuel quality

We provide a wide variety of high quality fuels across our network of service stations and sites, from products offering optimal engine performance to environmentally friendly alternatives such as biodiesel.

Fuels Our Value Propositions

Our value propositions

Specially formulated fuels
Our specially formulated fuels not only optimize vehicle performance but also help reduce CO2 emissions. So customers can enjoy worry free and pleasant driving.
Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions
Efficient, reliable supply
We keep control of the whole supply distribution chain – ensuring we monitor, control and maintain quality and our high product specifications at all times
Quick and safe experience
We have a range of payment platforms, innovative solutions and service options so our customers can enjoy a quick and safe experience that matches their budget.

Fuels Our Offerings

Our offerings

Our gasolines

Our gasolines are formulated with unique additives and certified by international quality agencies - guaranteeing the best performance while cleaning and prolonging the life of motors. We offer a full range to meet different driving needs and budgets.

Our diesel

We are constantly enhancing our diesel products to improve performance in line with new motor technologies while proactively reducing the sulphur content to exceed the environmental regulations.

Our Customer Service

We accept all forms of payment and offer innovative solutions so our customers can enjoy a quick and safe refuelling experience. We also provide full and self-service options to match our customers desired refuelling experience and budget. When providing a Full Service, we constantly train our Site Staff to ensure you will receive the quickest and best service.


We value our customers’ loyalty and want to show our appreciation through our excellent Loyalty program. The Puma PRIS Loyalty Program rewards our customers in many ways, so they can get more out of their experience with us.