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Welcome to Puma Energy, your go-to source for top-quality bitumen products. Specializing in a diverse range of applications, we offer everything from standard bitumen asphalt for robust paving projects to specialized polymer modified bitumen, enhancing durability and performance. Our cutback bitumen and emulsions are designed for various environmental conditions, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in application.

Puma Energy’s Impact in the Bitumen Industry

Whether you’re tackling a large-scale paving project or require specific bitumen solutions, Puma Energy provides products tailored to your needs, all while upholding the highest industry standards.
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Our Bitumen Products

We source and supply high-quality paving grade bitumen that meets applicable local penetration, viscosity or performance grade requirements.

We produce and supply Polymer Modified Bitumen products that deliver performance, operational and logistical benefits.

We manufacture and supply a range of cutback bitumen to meet local specifications and requirements. The reduced viscosities of our cutbacks enable them to be used at lower pavement surface temperatures and in speciality applications.

Our Olexocrumb bitumen incorporates waste tyre rubber, not only reducing waste but also create bitumens which is longer lasting and better for roads.

Our CarbonBind Bitumen incorporates organic, plant grown materials, substantially reducing carbon emissions with no loss of quality. Watch our CarbonBind video here.

We provide customers with pre-blended warm mix additives which allow compaction at up to 40 degrees lower temperature, significantly reducing energy use and GHG emissions.

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Unrivaled Service

Meeting All Your Bitumen Needs

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    Customer Service Management

    Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our customer-centric culture, striving to build strong partnerships and delivering the best solutions to their needs.
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    Pricing and Contracting

    We offer competitively priced products, handle all aspects of contract management and provide services on both a spot and term basis.
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    Technical and Application Support

    Our global network of technical professionals offer support and advice on everything from bituminous binder selection through to production, storage, testing, quality control, product application and road engineering solutions.
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    We offer specialised turnkey logistical services, such as ship-to-truck discharge, truck-to-ship loading and bitumen containers. We also offer flexible ordering, delivery to site and 24/7 automated driver loading at our terminals
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    Global Supply

    Our customers get worldwide access to reputable suppliers, the largest fleet of modern bitumen vessels, a global network of break-bulk and blending terminals, and an extensive portfolio of services and expertise when partnering with us.
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    Shipping Capabilities

    Ensuring the safety and integrity of our fleet is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art fleet of bitumen carriers and purpose-built terminals help us maintain reliability – providing safe and efficient bitumen supply, on time, every time.
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    Cargo Systems

    Our ship cargo systems are equipped with the latest safety features, allowing them to operate at pressures almost double today’s industry standard. Our fleet can discharge a full cargo in less than 24 hours

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