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Liquid Petroleum Gas

Promoting Energy Access and Clean Cooking

Our LPG offer promotes energy access and reduces emissions
185 k

m3 LPG Distributed Annually

1 Million

Additional Cylinders by 2027

USD 46 Million

aim to invest in Clean Cooking Access

Convenient Cooking

The Benefits of LPG

Woman Cooking with Puma LPG Canister
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    Cylinders delivered right to your door or available at our service stations.
  • 2

    Cleaner Than Traditional Fuels

    LPG has lower greenhouse gas emissions than kerosene, coal and unsustainably harvested wood
  • 3

    Healthier Than Traditional Fuels

    LPG releases fewer particulates than traditional fuels when burnt
  • 4

    Promotes Energy Access

    600 million people in Africa have no access to electricity and 900 million have no access to clean cooking
Our Approach to Sustainability

Enabling Access to Energy: Our ESG Philosophy

Our goal is to integrate business performance, social progress, and energy access through a purpose-driven corporate strategy

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