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Doing Business Responsibly

Our ambition is to fulfill our purpose of energising communities while reducing our environmental impact, enabling socio-economic progress, promoting good governance and supporting the energy transition.

ESG & Future Energies

Preparing for the
Future of Energy

Our ESG Framework is Based Around Four Pillars

Reducing our operational GHG emissions and deploying clean energy  and lower carbon fuels across the markets we serve.

 Managing and Reducing our operational GHG emissions

We place a strong emphasis on reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions, and are implementing a comprehensive GHG reduction programmes.

Deploying clean energy  and lower carbon fuels

We  see strong potential for lower carbon and integrated fuel and solar power solutions for our commercial and public customers. This includes solar power;  LPG for clean cooking; natural gas for industry and mobility;  lower carbon bitumen, and fostering demand for new products such as sustainable aviation fuel and biofuel feedstocks such as used cooking oil.

Key Targets and Initiatives:

  • Install solar panels across 300 retail and terminal sites by the end of 2023
  • Aim to reduce operational (scope 1 and scope 2) emissions by:
    • -15% by the end of 2025
    • -35% by the end of 2032
    • Longer term ambition – 100% by 2050
  • Achieve 30% of our EBITDA in Africa from transition fuels and clean energy by the end of 2027.

Our goal is to enhance our positive impact on local ecosystems and natural assets.

We place a strong emphasis on managing and minimising impacts on our natural environment through our HSSE policies, management plans and mitigating actions.

We adhere to leading environmental and quality management systems across key sites, and have also rolled out our own Puma Energy Environmental Management. We actively monitor and mitigate against oil spills, and have started to baseline and monitor water, waste and non-GHG emissions.

 Key Targets and Initiatives:

  • Achieve zero significant spills (L4 and higher)
  • Reduce water use, waste and non-GHG emissions
  • Reinforce safeguards and environmental management systems across high-risk sites

We are committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities and promoting the social and economic development of the communities we serve.

Puma Energy employs people from 69 different nations, working in 41 countries.

Our business success relies on our people, their wellbeing and dedication, talent and passion. Creating a collaborative and inclusive workplace environment to empower high performance, employee safety and strategic growth remains a core objective.

Beyond the social impact our products and services provide in enabling access to energy and powering transport solutions – our work on CSR and that of the Puma Energy Foundation enables us to expand the scope of our social impact and into areas that are important for the communities we support

 Key Targets and Initiatives:

  • Talent Development and Local Excellence
    • Invest in employee wellbeing and skills
    • 95% of recruitment from local talent, including from our graduate programme
  • Health and Safety (H&S): Zero workplace fatalities
  • Improve access to clean cooking across Africa with an additional 2 million LPG cylinders by the end of 2027
  • Invest in high impact community projects through our CSR initiatives

We aim to embed good governance and drive sustainability in our value chain.

Our Governance and Supply Chain pillar has three areas of focus which are guided by sustainability and reporting frameworks including SDG’s, GRI, TCFD and SASB.

ESG Governance and extending our impact across our value chain is of strong importance. We have reinforced our ESG Governance structures and are seeing the benefits of these actions. Puma Energy has zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and money laundering, and we continue to place a strong focus on the corporate culture and the policies governing our business conduct.

Key Targets and Initiatives:

  • Continue to embed responsible governance, risk and compliance across the business
  • Drive value chain sustainability through engagement with major suppliers and customers
  • Ensure 100% employee participation in our mandatory anti-bribery and corruption training bi-annually
  • Alignment with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights by the end of 2024
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Driving Sustainability with Transparent Reporting

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