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Leading Aviation Fuel Supplier

Welcome to Puma Energy, your premier aviation fuel supplier. We specialise in providing high-quality fuel solutions for a wide range of aircraft, from small planes to commercial airliners. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every gallon of jet, airplane, and aircraft fuel we offer meets the highest industry standards for safety and performance.

Puma Energy’s Impact on the Aviation Industry

Whether you’re looking for reliable fuel for short flights or long-haul journeys, Puma Energy is dedicated to powering your journey with efficiency and dependability. Discover our range of aviation fuels today and see why we are the chosen supplier for pilots and airlines worldwide.
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Why work with Puma Energy?

Why Puma Aviation

Why Choose Our Aviation Fuels?

  • Refueling aircraft safely and on time

    A track record of efficient, safe operations that ensure customers stay on schedule.
  • Reliable and competitive airplane fuel supply

    Our robust global supply chain means customers can count on reliable and competitive fuel deliveries.
  • Taking the digital lead

    Our eAviation technology makes it easy to do business with us and we offer a digital platform for pricing, delivery ticket and invoicing.
  • A strong network where you operate

    We draw on Puma Energy’s strategic storage and integrated distribution channels to supply and service aviation customers wherever they are.

Our High-Quality Aviation Fuels

Puma Energy provides high-quality AVGAS 100LL for piston engine aircraft, and our environmentally-friendly Puma AVGAS UL94, a lead-free alternative. Additionally, we offer Jet A/A-1 fuel for gas-turbine engines used by commercial airlines. Our products are available in various formats, including drums and rail tank cars, ensuring flexibility and reliability. Committed to the highest industry standards, Puma Energy is dedicated to powering your flights safely and efficiently.

Avgas 100LL powers piston engine aircraft. This specialised aviation gasoline is designed to meet rigorous aviation industry requirements. See our AVGAS video here

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Puma AVGAS UL94 is a lead free alternative used for piston engines. Not only is better for the environment it is also better for aircraft engines than Autogas.

We supply our AVGAS UL94 in drums, cistern trucks, ISO containers, rail tank cars and tanker vessels.


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Jet A/A-1 is designed for aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines – the engines used by the world’s commercial airlines.  We provide this fuel to the highest international standards for our customers, safely, reliably and at a competitive price.

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Technical Support for into plane operators

Technical Support Agreements

Puma Energy Aviation refueling Qatar Plan
  • 1

    Ensuring Safe and Compliant Airport Operations

    As a member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) we have incorporated JIG standards into our operations and joined the IATA fuel group as a strategic partner.
  • 2

    Our Airport Network

    Global Presence through Puma Aviation’s network of over 100 airports.
  • 3

    e-Aviation / AVR Fueling

    Access to the software and applications used by Puma Aviation. Our e-aviation technologies offer a digital platform for pricing, delivery ticket and invoicing.
  • 4

    Technical Services and Information

    Access to operational support, expert fuel product quality advice and up to 20 hours of engineering and technical advice.
  • 5


    Operator training which includes different levels such as induction, basic operation, advanced operation, technical & maintenance and assessment of operator competency.
  • 6

    Airport Operations Audit

    Our Aviation specialists will conduct three annual service audits of aviation operations and facilities.
  • 7

    What Do Our Stakeholders gain from the Puma TSA?

    Puma Aviation’s Technical Services Agreements enable our stakeholders to follow a standard procedure that adheres to the industry standards, a wealth of knowledge, further hands-on experience with airport operations and prompt support from the Puma Aviation team.

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