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Commercial Fuels

Energy Solutions for Business Customers

Energy and lubricants solutions tailored to your business

Why Puma Energy Commercial Fuels?

Our robust global supply chain means you will always have the energy you need when you need it

From on-site deliveries to flexible collection times we fit in with you.

We can help free up your capital by installing and managing the on-site assets you need.

We offer bespoke credit and pricing solutions to meet your specific needs.

We offer integrated energy solutions, including clean and lower carbon fuels to give you everything you need as one high quality service.

Our digital ordering and invoice solutions provide the easiest most efficient way to interact with us.

Our products meet quality and regulatory requirements and technical specifications.

Your dedicated account manager will focus on understanding your needs and make sure we can meet them.

We share our global expertise with our customers so you can boost the skills and expertise of your business.

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Unrivalled Service

Energy Solutions Designed Around Your Business

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    Our integrated solutions for mining customers include traditional fuels, clean and low carbon energy and lubricants as one tailored solution.
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    Form powering machinery to planting and harvesting crops, we know timely safe delivery of energy and lubricants are critical to agricultural businesses.
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    We offer world-class fleet solutions that cross borders with you. With our one stop shop and fleet card you can fuel and manage your fleet efficiently and reliably.
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    From energising cement plants to providing temporary power and fuel onsite, we tailor a solution that works for you.
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    Power Generation

    We know 24/7 operations are crucial for our power generation customers and we provide tailored energy and lubricants solutions that you can trust.
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    Ensuring reliable supply of high-quality fuels and lubricants is only part of the solution for our industrial customers. We enhance and simplify through value-added services and digital tools.
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    We work closely with marine businesses to meet their energy and lubricants needs wherever we are needed.
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    Governments & State Owned Enterprises

    We focus on long-term relationships with Governments and State Owned Enterprises to create flexible energy solutions that support ESG commitments.
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    Branded and Unbranded Fuel Distributors

    We supply the highest quality fuels unbranded and non-branded fuel distributors and we support our Puma Energy branded distributors to help them build their business and succeed with us.