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859 k m 3

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Aviation Fuel Supply

Puma Aviation’s AVGAS Production and Distribution hub is based in Estonia.

Avgas 100LL powers piston engine aircraft. This specialised aviation gasoline is designed to meet rigorous aviation industry requirements.

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Puma AVGAS UL94 is a lead free alternative used for piston engines. Not only is better for the environment it is also better for aircraft engines than Autogas.

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Jet A/A-1 is designed for aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines – the engines used by the world’s commercial airlines.  We provide this fuel to the highest international standards for our customers, safely, reliably and at a competitive price.

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Aviation - Underwing refueling

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Storage Facilities

1 Sillamäe


The terminal is located in the free customs zone of Sillamäe Port. It is the easternmost deep-water port of the European Union that can be navigated year round.


The terminal has a tankfarm of 502 000 m³. Modern technology allows for various types of oil products to be stored and handled in the terminal at the same time, while guaranteeing complete separation. The facilities meet the highest ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Our modern infrastructure lets you monitor online in real time the movement of rail wagons starting from the Estonian border, the product quantities in the terminal’s reservoirs and the loading processes in the terminal and on vessels. Sillamäe Port hosts independent accredited laboratories that guarantee product quality and quantity control.


Kesk 2b 40231 Sillamäe

+372 392 9331

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New Solar Panels at Puma Sillamae terminal in Estonia