• Bitumen
Puma Energy España Muelle de la Cabezuela s/n 11519 Puerto Real (Cadiz)


67 k m 3

Storage Capacity

Bitumen Storage and Distribution

Puma Operates the Alibesa Bitumen Terminal near Cadiz

Our Bitumen Products

We source and supply high-quality paving grade bitumen that meets applicable local penetration, viscosity or performance grade requirements.

We produce and supply Polymer Modified Bitumen products that deliver performance, operational and logistical benefits.

We manufacture and supply a range of cutback bitumen to meet local specifications and requirements. The reduced viscosities of our cutbacks enable them to be used at lower pavement surface temperatures and in speciality applications.

Our Olexocrumb bitumen incorporates waste tyre rubber, not only reducing waste but also create bitumens which is longer lasting and better for roads.

Our CarbonBind Bitumen incorporates organic, plant grown materials, substantially reducing carbon emissions with no loss of quality. Watch our CarbonBind video here.

We provide customers with pre-blended warm mix additives which allow compaction at up to 40 degrees lower temperature, significantly reducing energy use and GHG emissions.