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Fueling Industries and Communities

How We Create Value

We live in an exciting, fast-changing world in need of the right energy solutions. From giving the people who visit our retail sites a great experience to working closely with industrial businesses to help them optimise their operations – we focus on delivering the very best for our customers.

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Puma Energy owns and operates two local refineries in Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea. Our refineries are an integral part of the downstream fuel supply chain and support local jobs in these markets.

Puma Energy’s downstream storage terminals support our core downstream businesses, helping us offer a seamless supply of refined oil products to customers.

Puma Energy’s Commercial (B2B) business offers our commercial and industrial customers a one-stop-shop for bespoke fuel, lubricants and low carbon solutions tailored to their specific needs.

From large industrial customers to individual motorists, Puma Lubricants provides our customers with the right lubricants to improve their performance at a competitive price.

Puma Energy supplies LPG for clean cooking that allows families to move away from carcinogenic smoke from charcoal and wood in their homes.

Puma Aviation serves the world’s leading airlines and airports. Our customers know they can rely on us 24/7 to meet their needs for JET A1 and Avgas – ensuring security of supply, high-quality fuel approved to international standards and fast turnaround times.

Our network of 1,979 retail sites provide motorists with a range of fuels, lubricants, convenience and associated services in modern, convenient locations across Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Puma Energy is preparing for the future of energy by offering our customers clean and lower carbon energy solutions such as solar energy, sustainable fuels, lower carbon fuels and carbon offset products.

Puma Energy is a global market leader in bitumen sourcing and distribution. We supply our customers with the high-quality, advanced technology bitumen they need safely, efficiently and on time.

Our Strategy

Energising Communities

Focus on the Basics

    Safety (HSSE)

  • Continue to reinforce our HSSE performance by prioritizing capability development, risk management, governance, and leadership engagement
  • Baseline and strengthen key safety and environment related data
  • People

  • Develop, retain, attract best-in-class talent across our markets
  • Invest in the development of our people
  • Retail & Commercial

  • Concentrate our efforts on refurbishing and maintaining our network, while ensuring a differentiated customer offering
  • Ensure we are delivering quality products safely and reliably

Grow Prudently

    Retail & Commercial

  • Expand our offering beyond fuel through our convenience store offering and quick service restaurant partnerships
  • Place a greater focus on lubricant sales in select markets
  • Brand

  • Invest more in marketing to strengthen our brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Explore dual brand opportunities in select markets
  • Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

  • Continue to expand our solar and low carbon fuel solutions to industrial customers
  • Further decarbonise our operations

Our Core Values

United by our culture and values

Work Hard

We are thorough and always do our very best. We persevere to find solutions and strive to succeed.


Work Together

We work as a team and recognise each other’s strengths. We listen and evolve together.



We take personal responsibility for our actions and honour our commitments.

Two people holding hands


We are honest, respectful and responsible, and we build relationships based on trust.

Diverse Energy Industry Professionals

Meet the Leadership Team

We are led by a highly experienced leadership team
Rene Medori
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René Médori

Non-Executive Chairman
Hadi Hallouche
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Hadi Hallouche

Chief Executive of Puma Energy
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Pierre Lorinet

Patrick Burke
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Patrick Burke

Board Director
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Our History

A Century of Puma Energy

1 Established in the 1920s

Established in the 1920s

Initially established in 1920 as a crude oil marketing company, Compañía General de Combustibles (CGC) became Puma Energy in 1929.