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Agro Services

Our Solutions and Services in Argentina

We are a global energy Company supplying the highest quality fuels to millions of people safely, quickly, reliably and at a competitive cost

In Argentina, Puma Energy produces fuels and lubricants, operates more than 400 service stations throughout the country. We run the refinery in Bahía Blanca, the terminal in the town of Campana and a lubricants plant in Avellaneda. There are more than 70 agroservices in the main agricultural areas of Argentina.

At Puma Energy, we always put our customers first – offering a great all-round experience all-day every day.

We’re passionate about serving our communities and providing our customers with the products and services they want, when they want them, at a competitive price. From fresh food to fuel to local produce – we want to be the go-to store for everyone in the community.

We want to be the preferred energy solutions partner for all commercial and industrial customers. We have a relentless focus on adding value to our customers’ businesses by understanding and meeting their needs. Working closely with customers, from agriculture to mines, we tailor our energy solutions to their specific needs. We operate more than 70 agroservices in the main agricultural areas of Argentina

We are proud to serve the world’s leading airlines and airports. Whether they need Jet-A1 or AVGAS, our customers know they can rely on us 24/7 to meet their needs – ensuring security of supply, high-quality fuel approved to international standards and fast turnaround times. We take care of everything – from importation, handling, storage, bridging and transportation, to into-plane operations at our own airport fuelling depots.

Our products meet high international standards, high performance and maximum protection against wear. We have a plant in the town of Avellaneda, which produces 2,800 m3 per month supplying the local market and exporting product to Paraguay and Uruguay.

Our clean and low carbon energy offer includes solar and hybrid solutions, diesel to gas conversion, biofuel solutions, and carbon offsetting to support our customers on their energy transition journey.

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Our Retail Offer For Motorists

Our convenient network supplies a wide range of fuels, lubricants and convenience products
Argentina Retail

About Our Retail Offer

Serving our communities 24/7 with accessible stores and a wide range of products and services tailored to local markets. In our convenience stores, you can enjoy a wide variety of products, attractive promotions in coffee and fast food categories, drinks and snacks,

We partner with many of the world’s best known brands to bring our customers great products and services.

The new Puma Energy App in Argentina allows you to pay for your shop and earn Pris points to redeem for fuel discounts. The more you spend, the more you add, the more you save.

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Super 7 & Shop Express

Convenience Stores

Freshly Prepared Food

A seamless experience with lots of fresh, tasty options to meet everyone’s needs.

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Reliable Fuels & Quality Services

1 Gasolines



Max Premium is the line of high-octane, low-sulfur grade 3 top-performance gasolines. Designed to meet the demands of the most powerful and sophisticated gasoline engines.

Its formula helps extend engine life and reduce engine emissions. It contains additives that clean and help prevent deposits in the engine, taking care of vital parts such as injectors and intake valves. (*)


Puma Super is a line of grade 2 gasoline designed to meet the demands of today’s gasoline engines. Its formula helps extend engine life and reduce engine emissions. (*)

(*) These product complies with Law 26093/06 and with Resolutions 1283/06, 478/09 and 733/09 of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Argentine Republic It contains up to 12% Bioethanol complying with current regulations. The typical values do not form a specification, they are representative of statistical values of the products marketed
Puma Fuel Pump

High-Quality Lubricants for Motorists

Our vehicle manufacturer-certified lubricants designed to deliver world-class quality and performance for your vehicle.