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Bitumen: We’ve Got Australia Covered

June 23, 2023
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Bitumen: We’ve Got Australia Covered

As the bitumen supply market in Australia continues to change, Puma Bitumen is putting roots down and setting up for the long-haul. While others are divesting we are continuing to invest, bringing long-term benefits and supply certainty to the Australian market.

We’ve got Australia covered
Our Australian network spans the continent from the west to the east, consisting of six supply points with import and storage capabilities that provide our customers with effective access to bitumen across the country. Our long-term growth strategy and investment will see our asset base continue to grow and develop for the benefit of our customers and the Australian road construction and maintenance industry in general.


Our certified sources of bitumen are rigorously assessed and monitored to ensure we always meet Australian specifications, our own quality standards and our customers’ high expectations.

The Puma Bitumen range of OLEXOBIT® asphalt and sprayed sealing PMBs is recognised across Australia for the delivery of superior quality and performance, giving our customers total confidence when they undertake any road construction or maintenance project.

Technical expertise
Our experienced technical specialists provide valuable support to our customers, from product selection to application support. Investment in our technical resources, both in our technologists and in new specialised laboratory equipment, ensures we will continue to add the maximum value to our customers’ operations. We work collaboratively with road construction companies and road agencies, and engage in locally driven research and development activities at our Technical Centre in Altona to ensure we provide the latest in industry technology.

Dedicated service
The Puma Bitumen sales team are dedicated to adding value for our customers. With their specialist knowledge and years of experience they focus on ensuring they develop a deep understanding of each and every customer’s needs. This is because we go further for better performing roads.

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