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Overview About Puma Retail

About Puma Retail

At Puma Retail, we always put our customers first – offering a great all-round experience all-day every day. We now have 1948 retail sites across 23 countries, ‘energising communities’ around the world.

We’re passionate about serving our communities and providing our customers with the products and services they want, when they want them, at a competitive price. From fresh food to fuel to local produce - we want to be the go-to store for everyone in the community.

Retail sites around the world
Countries served
Restaurants and cafes
Convenience Stores

Overview Why Puma Retail

Why Puma Retail

Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions
Strategic locations
We’re strategically located to serve our communities 24/7 with accessible appealing stores and a great range of products and services tailored to local markets.
Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions
Everyday convenience
From our modern Super 7 stores to our Car Wash service, from barista coffee to-go to a tasty sit-down lunch – we offer super everyday convenience for customers.
Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions
Enhanced experience
We’re always looking to enhance our customers’ experience, for example by rolling out our new Super 7 convenience stores and introducing the PRIS loyalty program.