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About Puma Energy

About Puma Energy Tanzania

Puma Energy Tanzania is a registered oil company within the United Republic of Tanzania. The company is owned jointly by the Government of the United Republic (via Treasury Registrar, the Ministry of Finance) as well as Puma Investments Limited, each with a share ownership of 50 percent.

The company is a market leader in Tanzania by Market share boasting a storage capacity of 94 million Liters, and operates 70 petrol stations across the country and servicing 8 airports.

We established our business presence in Tanzania in September 2011, with the acquisition of BP's operations. Our B2B activities focus on providing fuels, lubricants and other oil products to key clients in Tanzania’s burgeoning mining and transportation sectors. Mining is a key industry in Tanzania because the country has an abundance of natural resources including minerals such as gold, diamonds, coal, iron, uranium and nickel.

We are delivering faster and more efficient bunkering services for oil and gas companies operating offshore from Tanzania.

We expanded our market share in the aviation sector, now providing jet fuel and avgas at eight of the country’s airports.

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Puma Energy launched retail sites in Bukoba, Morogoro-Kihonda, Dar es Salaam Kigamboni & Kijichi, Segera Tanga in 2021 and continue to expand their operation network to other locations across the country. In Jan 2022 Puma Kibada was launched bringing the family now to a total of 69 retail sites. Together with that we have also revamped our retail stations at Oysterbay, Upanga, Bagamoyo and Ocean Road in Dar es salaam. All our retail stations are now opened 24 hours daily; ensuring quality fuel and service are available to our customers.


Puma Energy has developed its own range of products with the vision to offer high quality and affordable lubricants to its customers. Puma Lubricants produced, marketed and supplied into numerous countries on the Africa continent as well as in Central America and Asia-Pacific. At Puma Energy, we are passionate about quality. Puma Energy has opted to go for the highest specifications for all products by not compromising on the additive treat rates and the quality of the base oils. Puma produces all products with Exon Mobil base oil stocks. Our company’s systems, processes, procedures and specialized lubricants team ensure that the products conform to the highest quality standard.


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Our Projects