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Our Values

We live our values every day

In a world of rapid change, our values are our constant guide. They get to the heart of our way of 'energising communities' around the world. Our diverse people are united by our culture and values, and by our shared commitment to doing things the right way.

Our Values (values that lead us)

Our values guide us

About Customer Focus
Work hard
We are thorough and always do our very best. We persevere to find solutions and strive to exceed expectations.
About Lead by Example
Work together
We work as a team and recognise each other’s strengths. We listen and evolve together to fulfil our collective ambitions.
About Collaboration
We take personal responsibility for our actions and honour our commitments. We are reliable and credible and transparent about our work.
About Agility
We are honest, respectful and responsible, and we build relationships based on trust. We keep our word and act consistently and responsibly.

Our Values (Code of conduct)

About Code of conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct lays out the values, expectations, laws and regulations that govern the way we operate, no matter where we are. We work to the highest ethical standards, and conduct our business by obeying all applicable laws and regulations. We are always honest, straightforward and trustworthy with everyone and everything involved in Puma Energy activities.

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Our Values (Supplier Code of conduct)

Our Code of Supplier Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct defines what we expect from suppliers that provide intermediary agency, vendor or other services to Puma Energy and any of its subsidiaries. All suppliers must comply with this Code whether individuals or firms, wherever they are based in the world. It serves as a guide to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, defines good business judgement and promotes honest, ethical conduct.

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Speak-Up! Helpline Our Value

Speak-Up! Helpline


Speak-Up! Helpline

Puma Energy maintains a confidential ‘Speak-Up!’ helpline service that allows Puma Employees and external parties to report suspected breaches of compliance or other grievances. The helpline is operated by an external company and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in every language spoken in Puma Energy. It can be accessed online at www.pumaenergyspeakup.com or can accessed by telephone with local dial-in numbers listed at www.pumaenergyspeakup.com.