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Puma Energy Attracts New Talent at Malawi Air Show

November 25, 2023
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Puma Energy Attracts New Talent at Malawi Air Show

Lilongwe, November 25, 2023 – Puma Energy Malawi Limited says the aviation sector in the country has great potential for growth a catalyst for sustained contribution to economic growth in Malawi.

Managing Director for Puma Energy Malawi Limited, Sipho Uaeca, was speaking Malawi’s first-ever Aviation Career Fair and Air Show organized by Phantom Aviation in Lilongwe which Puma Energy Aviation sponsored.

According to Puma, investment in the aviation sector presents numerous opportunities that enable the growth of other sectors. Uaeca further said that by applying a holistic approach and good investment, the aviation sector has great potential to grow.

“The aviation sector is important in the country because it contributes significantly to various sectors such as tourism, energy, and transport. Malawi is a landlocked country where aviation plays a great role in the country’s economy.”

He said that the aviation career fair brought visibility of the sector to students in Malawi that motivates them to consider an aviation career path.

“As Puma, we are thrilled to be part of this great occasion, which provided kids an opportunity to come and explore the aviation sector as a career path. We believe that kids in Malawi will be motivated to consider taking up aviation careers,” he said.

Uaeca added that the sponsorship resonates with Puma Energy’s purpose of ‘Energising Communities.’

“For many years, Puma has been a safe, reliable and efficient supplier of jet fuels in Malawi. It is interesting for us to witness the growth of the sector. The sponsorship fits well with our mission to add value to Malawian communities,” he added.

Kamuzu Academy student Michel Khanje who witnessed the events of the day said she is determined to pursue aviation carer.

“This has been an amazing event for me, usually I wanted to be a lawyer but with what I have seen I wish to be a pilot in future. I was motivated with the skilful flying of the planes, it was stunning seeing such talents,” said Khanje.

Students at the Malawi Aviation Careers Fair

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