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Puma Energy at the FT Africa Summit

October 18, 2023
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Puma Energy at the FT Africa Summit

Puma Energy’s Head of Africa, Fadi Mitri, attended The Financial Times Africa Summit in London today. 

Speaking on the panel discussion dedicated to “African Infrastructure – Accelerating Inward Investment” Fadi explained that Africa’s population is set to rise by 43% by 2040, meaning energy demand will rise by 30%, with demand for gasoline and gasoil rising by as much as 56%. Consequently, there is a pressing need to accelerate investment in energy infrastructure to de-bottleneck the system and increase capacity. 

Fadi said: “We have an obligation to improve energy access in Africa. To do this we need to address the energy security trinity with the right trade policies, the right price signal, and the right infrastructure.

“We know that by providing energy access that is affordable to our consumers we can help generate economic prosperity. This economic propserity will nurture demand for different energy sources at different affordability thresholds.

“At the same time, as Africa’s economy develops and becomes more prosperous, we aspire to accompany our consumers on this journey by ensuring that they have what they need in terms of energy and services – be it LPG for clean cooking, fuel for their cars or solar panels to power their businesses.”

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